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Red States and Blue States have become a mainstay of the American lexicon. Boil everything down and that is the root of the problem in that we should be Purple. Not that everyone should share the same beliefs. But it needs to be about US not We and Them. Stop being part of the silent majority. Engage in conversation with people who agree and disagree with your viewpoint. Communicate with the people who are responsible for shaping policies and creating laws. Vote.

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I feel blessed to have been born an American citizen. I believe passionately in the ideals our forefathers had in creating this experiment we call democracy. I am extremely troubled with the state of our nation. I think it is better to take a stand and be felt wrong by some than to stand by silently. It is my desire to have the highest quality of life for all citizens of our nation. I feel we must work together for the common good or perish fighting each other. People around the world are dying fighting for the right to vote. It is essential that we each recognize our responsibility and vote. Those that serve in government must be made to understand that they are to do what is best for The UNITED States of America. They are not to act as puppets for those who pay the bills that put them in office and provide them with a lifestyle of comfort. We must know what the people elected to represent our interests - the interests of The UNITED States - are doing and hold them accountable. I ask you to join me in the campaign to Stamp Out Red/Blue States And Make America Purple!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Be VOCAL In Your Support

Welcome. This is the front line in a movement to introduce societal change in our nation.

The more involved you are, the more people you are able to make aware, the more the people in power hear of support for Make America PURPLE the greater our chance will be of making a positive difference in The United States of America.

What can you do to advance the success of Make America PURPLE?

  • Create a signature line in your personal email with a link to Make America PURPLE
  • Contact The White House and tell President Bush you support this cause
  • Contact YOUR United States Senators
  • Contact YOUR Congressperson in the United States House of Representatives
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper or email them a link and encourage a visit to this blog
  • Contact any organizations in which you are a member and request they include a link in the organization's newsletter or magazine
  • Contact your State Senator and Congressperson in support of Make America PURPLE
  • Make the mayor in your town or city and your city council aware of you supporting this cause. Encourage them to become involved.
  • Place a link in your blog and/or website to and encouarge websites you visit to do the same
Those serving in the United States Senate and United States House of Representative REACT when they feel there is something meaningful to the people they represent. ONE contact is not going to do it. When you see a report that one representative has been contacted know that the more times that person is contacted the message will grow in its power.

If you live in Ohio, for example, Senator George Voinovich has been contacted. If you support this cause, YOU contact him and let him know. Encourage others in Ohio to do the same. will be the central repository for information related to activyt in support of this cause. This will facilitate ongoing, as current as possible information about where the message is appearing and to whom the message is being communicated.

In short order, a website will be created to ensure the Make America PURPLE editorial is readily accessible to anyone who wishes to view it. Any assistance you are able to provide in support of this effort would be welcomed and most apprecaited.

Able and Willing To Help advance the success of Make America PURPLE? Let me know: (Email link is available in blog profile.)

Can you...

Help with creating, maintaining a website? Hosting a website? Create buttons and banners that people can post in their blogs and/or websites?

Do you have ideas on advancing the success of this endeavor? There is always interest in hearing them.


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