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Red States and Blue States have become a mainstay of the American lexicon. Boil everything down and that is the root of the problem in that we should be Purple. Not that everyone should share the same beliefs. But it needs to be about US not We and Them. Stop being part of the silent majority. Engage in conversation with people who agree and disagree with your viewpoint. Communicate with the people who are responsible for shaping policies and creating laws. Vote.

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I feel blessed to have been born an American citizen. I believe passionately in the ideals our forefathers had in creating this experiment we call democracy. I am extremely troubled with the state of our nation. I think it is better to take a stand and be felt wrong by some than to stand by silently. It is my desire to have the highest quality of life for all citizens of our nation. I feel we must work together for the common good or perish fighting each other. People around the world are dying fighting for the right to vote. It is essential that we each recognize our responsibility and vote. Those that serve in government must be made to understand that they are to do what is best for The UNITED States of America. They are not to act as puppets for those who pay the bills that put them in office and provide them with a lifestyle of comfort. We must know what the people elected to represent our interests - the interests of The UNITED States - are doing and hold them accountable. I ask you to join me in the campaign to Stamp Out Red/Blue States And Make America Purple!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


There's a section of the form used to create the profile appearing in this blog labeled as "Interests". I met the reqirement of length being no more than a given number of characters. My choice of how to express my "interests", though, does not conform to the framework designed to display that portion of the profile.

I have no interest in complying with a set of preconceived notions about how things should be done. Blindly following those in authority is one of the symptoms that have led us to the problem situations with which we are living.

Each of us must be able to exist as an individual. At the same time we must find a way to make a meaningful contribution to the shared whole. This is an example of what I am doing to address both of those issues.

These are my "Interests"...

My interests are as broad as the day is long. Make America Purple is a passion. Things can not progress as they are if our nation is going to be secure. We are not going to prosper as a society. Our streets are becoming a battleground. The children of this country are being poisened by mistakes of previous generations. We must come together and cooperate for the good of all. There is common ground on which we can all be comfortable...if we choose to create it and stand together. We are the greatest nation on Earth and yet at the same time a very troubled one. Let's fix it TOGETHER.

- American Patriot


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